The Flying Fish Theatre


The History

The English touring company “The Flying Fish Theatre” was founded by Kristi-Anne Seth and Monika Bubenheimer in Krefeld in summer 2001.

Monika Bubenheimer and Kristi-Anne Seth both studied amongst others “International Theatre & Education” at the “Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht” (The Netherlands); an international and interdisciplinary artistic study course, from which they both graduated with a diploma in Acting and Directing in the English language and for international stages. In addition Kristi-Anne Seth qualified herself in the wide field of theatre for children and Monika Bubenheimer in the area of stage design. With this background and with many years of professional experience as “global players”, the two women developed into a “dream team” of English touring theatre.

The name “The Flying Fish Theatre” has its origins in the comedy-revue “The Flying Fish” from the year 1996. This production, by Kristi-Anne Seth and in cooperation with Monika Bubenheimer, attracted and entertained big audiences amongst the Dutch public in Utrecht in its premiere year. For the first time the artistic-duo Bubenheimer and Seth worked together on and off stage, and by doing so created the basis for their later work cooperation and foundation of their theatre company in 2001.

In the comedy-revue called “The Flying Fish” by entering the theatre, the audience became passengers on a transatlantic flight and the comedy stage show provided the “in-flight entertainment”. One of the passengers on board was “George the Fish”, a smoked mackerel, who caused heavy turbulences throughout the entire performance on stage and in the audience. With the success of this revue “The Flying Fish Theatre” was born …

When Monika Bubenheimer and Kristi-Anne Seth founded their own theatre company, they decided to keep the original name of the revue-production as well as the character of “George the Fish”. It is therefore not surprising that their theatre company has been named “The Flying Fish Theatre” and that “George the Fish” became its chairman. Only the content and target groups of their work have changed and Germany has been chosen as the residential location of the English touring theatre company.

“The Flying Fish Theatre” has taken its challenge to be approaching children and teenagers with the medium of theatre and English as a foreign language. With its professional productions using the themes and language of the youths and set at a language level which adapts to its various target audiences, the theatre creates bridges between old and new cultural media as well as between mother tongue and foreign language. In doing so “The Flying Fish Theatre” produces its own theatre plays and exclusively works with professional international actors, who have acquired full qualifications for the English stage.  

Countries of origin of our artistic ensemble are for example England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and ...

For you we discover the international artists, fly them in and bring our touring theatre productions directly to you. Since our foundation in 2001 we have been doing this very successfully. What could be better!