The Flying Fish Theatre



Are you bored of regular English lessons?

Do you want something a little different? Here's a native English speaker with a suggestion for you:

Bring your English lessons to life with theatre!

We offer performances & workshops, which bring the original English language directly to the learner's ear, wrapped in a theatrical package for your pupils and teachers.

Let them experience themselves how much fun it is to practice English outside the classroom. Let them realize how much they already know and understand of the “other” language. We offer them the possibility to take their learning a step further by enjoying a highly entertaining visual performance made especially for them and for you.

With us your pupils will experience an English theatre performance of a different kind, for approximately one hour, live, directly brought from the theatre stage into your own school, and performed by native and experienced professional international actors.

Take your pick!

Practice and listening to international performers opens up a whole new world of experience. "Theatre in English" combines excitement, inspiration, language learning, culture, and meeting points. Learning English is more than just grammar and vocabulary. It is contact!

Education and fun in one!

We provide our audiences with:

  • an educational happening that also provides an element of fun
  • a theatre programme individually designed for your school
  • the possibility to get in contact with native and professional international English speaking actors
  • the practice of what has been learnt in the lessons and the good feeling of understanding the foreign language in use
  • an opportunity to ask us questions about England, the English culture, theatre, the plays … or simply what it means to be an actor/actress …
  • a complete CD-ROM-package with script and lesson material for performance pre- & after-care ...
  • and much more!

In short: a special experience is created, where an exchange between the pupils, the teachers and the professional English performer(s) is immediately encouraged, and the English language comes to life before the pupil's eyes. A very special experience!

Understanding. Laughter. Tears.

Don't delay book today!