The Flying Fish Theatre


Shows & Dates

Season/School Year 2011 2012

Classes 10 - 13 (Age 16-20+):

"Kissing like Juliet" is a contemporary play taking a humorous look at the history of theatre through the eyes of two teenagers today. Joseph, who is a keen writer, reveals the excitement and wonders of theatre to his friend Sandra, who doesn’t know much about it and considers it to be old-fashioned and boring. Sandra prefers films and is only interested in love stories and in kissing Joseph. She therefore makes several amusing attempts to become a romantic heroine herself. The two characters take a voyage of discovery through times, decades and theatre styles - from Aristophanes to Shakespeare, from Ibsen to the present day – of which the audience slowly becomes a part. Gradually Joseph manages to convince Sandra and the audience that theatre is about everyday life and people in their own times – theatre is about us! The spectators and the stage characters learn that a play becomes complete by the actors, characters, and audience creating a theatrical experience together; as without each one of them there wouldn’t be a theatre play. Does Joseph on the other hand learn about love from Sandra? Will Sandra win Joseph’s love? What is real and what is pretend on stage? How does theatre work? Put away your play station and find out for yourself!

Classes 8 - 11 (Age 14-17):

"Furious Games" is a hard-hitting theatre play about aggression and violence amongst teenagers. Sometimes shocking, this realistic play wrestles with the increasing phenomenon of hostility in society that effects the generation today. It puts a mirror to our faces and the picture isn’t always pretty. In times of Erfurt, Emsdetten, Tessin, we have to ask ourselves how did it come to this? Who’s to blame – computer games, films, parents, society or the education system? Are we doers or victims? How can we change things? The play serves as a perfect opportunity to start discussions in the classroom, to reflect on the unpleasant sides of daily life, and listen to each other.


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Classes 5 - 8 (Age 10-14):

"McVamp" is a musical about a young vampire who doesn’t like blood - a vampirical! Being a mixture of music, movement and text, the show opens different channels of understanding, and is written and performed in an appealing and approachable manner for audiences to test their basic English language knowledge in an entertaining way. It is a highly motivational encounter with the foreign language, the traditions of Scotland and the nature of vampires, which allows the audience to interact with the story at times.


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