The Flying Fish Theatre


Shows & Dates

Season/School Year 2012 2013

Classes 11 - 13 (Age 17-20+):

"Happy Slapping" is a contemporary drama about racism, hard hitting and realistic. Joe gets beaten up and videoed in a racist attack. Injured and frightened he escapes and hides in a park, where he meets Hannah. After various difficulties with each other Hannah and Joe discover that they are supposed to hate each other. Hannah is Jewish and Joe is Muslim! Both are full of prejudices and torn between their ideas, feelings and traditions. A surprising dialogue about estrangement, fear, provocation, defence and prejudice evolves, ruled by the wish to approach and understand each other. What starts with “happy slapping” leads to a “happy ending”, as Hannah and Joe will find each other. The play is about a new and violent tendency of youths triggered by a wish for power, recognition and directorship, and supported by mobile camera phones and the internet. Written and performed for advanced audiences it is challenging in language and topics and a wonderful opportunity for further discussions and reflections.


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Classes 8-11 (Alter 14–17)

"5xW" – Why, Where, What, When, Who? It could be anyone, anywhere at any time. It could be you! “5xW” is a lively theatre play about an accidental encounter of a teenage boy and girl in a launderette. Insecurely and awkwardly she tries to get him into conversation whilst waiting for her washing to be done. At first he resists, but then joins in communicating with her and an attraction of the opposite sex leads to the two arranging a date. During the course of the play the two characters allow us to share their personal development from mere fake self-presentation to impress the other sex into honest behaviour and the showing of the real self. The play is a fantastic reflection of human behaviour, of what we do to be liked, of how we change our personality to be attractive to others. A great topic for teenage audiences with an intermediate knowledge of English.


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Classes 5 - 7 (Age 10-13):

"Captain Jack" is an adventurous pirate musical, which takes the audience on an exciting journey in search of the lost treasure of the infamous pirate Black Dog Peterson! The loyal heroine (Mary) disguises herself as a seaman in order to board the ship of the famous Captain Jack, sail the oceans, and bring the riches back to England and her majesty Queen Elizabeth I.; but the notorious Captain has other plans in favour of himself. With tricks and turns and the help of sailor Stinky Smith, Mary develops a clever plan to capture the pirates and the gold. But will she be successful? And how? Who is Cut-throat Locker? And what shall we do with the drunken sailor? Prepare your sea legs for a highly entertaining performance and find out for yourself! This swashbuckling adventure combines music, movement and fantasy to motivate early active language learning. Using highly visual theatre techniques, the musical is written in Basic English to appeal to a wide range of audiences. A perfect way to encourage your students!


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